Get Out GLBT App Connects Users, Improves World

By Kristina

Each week, I get to read about the cool things being created in the tech world and let you guys know about it. What strikes me as a good product or a bad product is one that has a purpose, and when I tell you guys how something works, it’s always with the hope that the new knowledge makes your life simpler.

This week is definitely the one that has me most moved and excited about the state of technology, the ability to create something like this restored my faith in humanity. Richard de los Santos, Director of Splaysoft, said this about his iPhone app, Get Out GLBT: “A philosophy that I am beginning to incorporate into all my apps is ‘Do Good.’ I want something good to come from my apps, so when I see people responding positively to this, or any of my apps, I am very satisfied.”

The application serves to provide a safe and open dialogue about the harrowing experience of coming out.

Get Out GLBT’s main agenda is to facilitate a discussion on the topic, which as most of us know, is never an easy conversation. “I didn’t initially have a specific age bracket or demographic in mind, but over time it seems to be most heavily populated with young women struggling with their sexuality. Many have said they feel isolated, live in small towns or have very religious parents. The key to the community is to make sure it remains supportive and positive. Occasionally, people will come in looking for a hook-up, but that is heavily discouraged by myself and the community at large. It is not a dating app, but rather a place where anyone can safely discuss their questions. I am constantly looking at ways to improve the app, basing its evolution on how it is used and polling users for feedback. However, I don’t want to move away from the community model,” said de los Santos.

Now, this is an example of technology improving the world. It’s serious stuff and it may not be what you want to look at when you’re on the subway, but apps like this are what I’d love to see more of. This is a tool that, in all honesty, can keep someone alive.

We’ve all been there. We get wound up in the feeling that we’re the only one experiencing the loneliness and confusion of life. The loss of support from those we’ve trusted most can become incredibly overwhelming. Some people have zero support at the outset, and being “true to themselves” just seems like an additional hurdle.

Using a forum style moderation system, users can report abusive and inappropriate comments. This kind of moderation is necessary and can add increased comfort when discussing something so intimate. (continued on next page)

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