Gay Marriage and the DMV

Gay marriage on the state level is stupid — it is crazy-making and a bureaucratic nightmare.

Case in point, Traci Turpin married her partner in Washington D.C., but they reside in Tennessee — one of many states that could give a flying fuck about a little gay marriage certificate. She returned home to change her name on her driver’s license and other legal documents and, while the local Social Security changed her name, the DMV would not recognize the name change. ….Well, let me rephrase that: at first, they did issue her a new license, but then they took it back (“it’s mine! waahhh!”), and then they called the cops on her.


Endgame? The Po-Po has her new license….because Turpin’s marriage is not legal in Tennessee.

Cherry Grrls, I too dream of a lovely and exorbitantly expensive wedding to a classy silver fox…. Sigh. But, before you travel a couple hundred miles to tie the knot in a state where you do not reside, think about the ramifications of this out-of-state-gay-marriage when you return home. Because the DMV is a bitch.

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