Fresh Ten Lesbians of Reality TV

Our first list of lesbian reality show stars focused on those whom we felt didn’t make the best impression during their time in the spotlight. Now, as season two of Gimme Sugar heats up the summer we are reminded that there have been some pretty amazing women featured on everything from competition shows like Last Comic Standing and Top Model to the ladies of Logo/MTV on Curl Girls and A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila. These are our Fresh Ten Lesbians of Reality TV.

10. Evelyn. She may be a product of the weird move by MTV to bring in “Fresh Meat” to the Real World/Road Rules Challenge competitions, but Evelyn has proven herself to be stronger, smarter, and more successful than mostly every other female on the shows. All that and she’s out and proud – unfortunately making that clear when she hooked up with the forever irritating (and newly lesbian) Brooke.

9. Charlene Borja. On the first season of Gimme Sugar we met Charlene, a.k.a.  “Switch” to her friends because she’s the switchboard for all the hot young LA lesbians. The reality show that focused on Charlene, her job at the wildest Friday night girl party in LA, “Truck Stop,” and her crazy group of lesbian friends brought fun, drama, and lots of entertainment.  In season two, Gimme Sugar: Miami features a relocated Charlene in Miami where she brings her hard work ethic and loyal friendship to a fresh group of girls. For more check out Cherry Grrl’s recent interview with her here.

celebs-168. Briana Stockton. She appeared on the most recent season of Jackie Warner’s hit Bravo reality show but few viewers realized that there was far more to Briana Stockton than just being the adorable girlfriend. It wasn’t highlighted on Work Out, but Briana is also a trainer, and with her popular web series/vlog, Advanced P.E., is proving that she definitely has what it takes to get lesbians in shape – and be the star of her own show.

7. Michelle Babin. Appearing on Cycle 7 of America’s Next Top Model, Michelle wasn’t the first lesbian to compete on the show, but in her honest and genuine approach to discussing it, probably was the most adorable.

6. Sandy Young. The premise of She’s Got the Look, a modeling competition for women over 35, sounds pretty wonderful no matter who the contestants might be, but adding a lesbian into the mix was an added bonus.

5. Michele Fleury. Curl Girls was a reality show – the first lesbian reality show on a major network, in fact – about a group of lesbians who were training together for a surf competition. We watched as the girls fought, hooked up, and improved their surfing skills and all along the way Michele was the calming, cool, and likeable voice of reason.

4. Michele Balan. She was the last woman standing on Last Comic Standing and is one of the hardest working and funniest ladies of comedy – performing at lesbian events like Dinah Shore and Provincetown Women’s Week and appearing in the upcoming Queer Queens of Qomedy.

3. Genesis Moss. Back when The Real World was actually about an interesting group of 20-somethings living together and working together as we watch what happens… there was Genesis – the lesbian roommate on the Boston season. She was unique, outspoken, brave, and gave a lot of young girls watching at home the courage to come out and be proud of who they were.

2. Dani Campbell. Okay, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila certainly did not bring anything good in terms of positive visibility for the lesbian community, but at least season one of the joke of a dating show did bring us Dani Campbell. It’s been a few years since she had her heart broken when Tila chose a guy over her, but the rest of the world did fall in love and she continues to use that to her advantage – making appearances at events all over the place, starting businesses, and extending her 15 minutes into a bona fide celesbian status.

1. Kim Stolz. At one time known for the line, “One down… eleven to go,” Kim has gone on to accomplish far greater and more impressive things than making out with a straight girl in a limo. Using her experience on America’s Next Top Model to her advantage, Kim went on to become a correspondent for MTV News and has covered everything from music events to the 2008 election. She’s smart, beautiful, and multi-talented and she has come a long way from her days on Tyra’s never-ending modeling competition.

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  1. The girl in the tie is super cute, she has really pretty eyes and a mouth you just want to kiss!!! x

  2. i like evelyn so much!!!!!!

  3. Wow I Just Love Dani!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She is soo cool and sexy.


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