Fresh on Friday: Vag-Vertisements, 823 Gay Couples Set to Marry in NYC + Homo Barbarians Attack

It’s officially a bajillion-and-two degrees outside. So, ladies, how do you plan to stay “fresh”? The ingenious minds at Summer’s Eve offer their advice in a new line of jaw-dropping ads. Por ejemplo, ladies of Latin descent, here’s an ad directed right at your vag:



For the “black” and “white” vag-vertisements, click HERE. A friend of mine asked me where her ethnicity-specific ad was, but then we surmised that the Asian-vag was probably sold as a mail-order bride to some white guy and therefore cannot speak for itself.

Indeed, this hot and humid weather is driving people crazy; just yesterday a group of “glitter-wielding” homo-barbarians raided Marcus Bachmann’s office in Minnesota.

Everyone’s excited about a new study that concluded that “creative people” (the categorization is problematic in itself, but, who cares! … right.) are arrogant snobs.

Homos, New York City is the land of opportunity: 823 homo-couples entered the gay-marriage lottery for this Sunday’s (the first day that homos can officially get gay-married) 764 slots. But Mayor Bloomberg, fully knowledgeable of the $far-reaching$ impact of homos, decided to let all 823 couples marry.


Comic Con 2011 is going on this week, through Sunday, in San Diego. EW has great coverage over at their site, including a ton of interviews with amazing ladies, like Sarah Michelle Gellar, who’s returned to Comic Con to promote her new show, The Ringer.



(SMG: “You can’t top Buffy.” —SIGH.)

On a concluding, and quite somber, note, tomorrow a memorial at Dixon Place in NYC will be held for queer poetess, Cheryl Burke, who died last week due to complications from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A lovely tribute, “Remembering Cheryl B,” by Sassafras Lowrey, was posted earlier this week at

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