Fresh on Friday: Rosie’s New Love, More Lesbians Asked to Leave, Cranberries Are Back + Remembering Matthew

Rosie O’Donnell is returning to television next week with her new nightly talk show on Oprah’s network. People magazine, in discussing this with the “Queen of Nice,” got the scoop on her love life whereby Rosie discussed her relationship with Michelle Rounds, 40. Apparently the two met at a Starbucks and Rosie thought Rounds “didn’t look like any lesbian [she’d] ever met.” Rosie is also crediting her hormone replacement therapy for making her more able to enjoy this new phase of her life and career: “It’s like you’re a withering rose and the petals are falling off and all of sudden you bloom again,” she told People.

In two sad pieces of news this Friday, the HRC and the LGBT community at large is remembering Matthew Shepard today, who 13 years ago was attacked in a brutal hate crime, as well as mourning the loss of Paula Ettelbrick, a gay rights advocate and attorney who died this morning reportedly of causes related to cancer. As the Advocate reports, Ettelbrick: “served the LGBT community for almost three decades in senior leadership positions at numerous high-profile organizations.”

In more uplifting news, 90’s music favorite The Cranberries have announced that they are back together and putting out their first studio album since “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” in 2001. “Roses” will be released (appropriately) on Feb. 14th and of it front woman Dolores O’Riordan says: “It’s kind of picking up where we left off.” I’m sure my mother is glad that I won’t be picking up my fandom where I left off, under her roof, as I never was able to hit those “Zombie” notes in a way that didn’t force her to take my discman away.

And in the final piece of gay news for the workweek, on Tuesday another story about lesbians getting kicked out/off of something made its way around the internet. A lesbian couple staying at a Four Seasons Hotel in St. Louis are claiming that they were told to leave after kissing in the rooftop Jacuzzi. At first when I heard this I thought maybe just maybe we were dealing with truly inappropriate behavior here on the part of the kissers – as too many episodes of The Real World and Jersey Shore have ruined jacuzzi’s for me forever – but then I saw the photo of the couple (left). Unless Tila Tequila stopped by, I think this one might be another solid case of discrimination.

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