Fresh on Friday: NBC’s “Lesbo” Development, Cover Girl Rosie + More

The entertainment world is abuzz with the news that NBC is developing a show called My Best Friend is a Lesbo, which, according to The Hollywood Reporter, “revolves around two female best friends, one gay and one straight, who help one another navigate life, love and dating in Los Angeles.”

Wow. Was Will & Grace that long ago? At any rate, I’m interested to see if they cast any “real life” lesbians, what kind of gender the lesbian character will have on the show, and to what extent the character will have her own storyline—or will she just be a chummy, butch-sidekick who assists the straight chick in navigating love in the City of Angels.

My successful, white-collar Cherry GRRLs, are you unhappy? Well, according to a new study, the most unhappy type of person is “a 42-year-old, unmarried woman with a household income under $100 thousand, working in a professional position (i.e. as a doctor or a lawyer).”

And, this is why I’m leaving academia….well, this, and the fact that there aren’t any more Shakespeareans who I want to sleep with.


…. I could easily bed one or four more….

Rosie O’Donnell graces the cover of Oprah’s O Magazine, and inside the mag she divulges some information about her divorce from Kelly Carpenter. She cites diverging interests as a contributing cause: “[Carpenter] wanted to play tennis at the country club, and I don’t do country clubs. I tried. They made an exception for a gay family, and we joined. It was a big thing: ‘They let in a gay family–whoo!’ So I show up to play with her, and somebody comes out and says, ‘You can’t play unless you have tennis whites.’”

Have you been wondering what Jillian Michaels has been up to, post-Biggest Loser? Well, yesterday she posted this video of the preview to Season 4 of The Doctors:

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