Fresh on Friday: Fall Begins, Brad Pitt Still Won’t Marry Till We Can + More!

Welcome to the first Fresh on Friday of Fall 2011, everyone!

We’ll begin by giving credit where credit is due this week to A-list actor, Brad Pitt. Pitt’s been doing a promotional media tour lately, pushing his new baseball movie “Moneyball,” and just when he was starting to come off as an arrogant a-hole – via his comments regarding poor Jennifer Anniston – he managed to once again shine as a loveable superstar when he appeared on Ellen and voiced his support for gay marriage. Pitt stated that he and Angelina Jolie remain committed to their stance that they won’t marry until everyone can.

“We live in this great country that is about freedom. It is defined by our freedom and equality and yet we allow this discrimination to go on everyday and that’s not what we’re about,” Brad told Ellen.

“That’s not what makes us great. Until that is reversed, I just don’t get it. It’a make’a no sense to me,” [in a italian accent].

In other entertainment news, there were lots of TV premieres this week including the debut of The Playboy Club starring Amber Heard and featuring a gay storyline. I thought the show was pretty good and I’ll definitely be tuning in to see how things go for Bunny Alice and her secret “homosexual” club. For more on the first episode check out Amanda’s recap, here.

And we’ll wrap things up by once again mentioning the biggest LGBT news item of the week, the repeal of DADT. NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell said it best when recognizing this achievement for our community:

“Today is not just the end of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ it is the beginning of a new era in which government policies that discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity are rightly seen as shameful and outmoded. We salute President Obama for his leadership in bringing this inexcusable discrimination to an end. We also honor the thousands of men and women who were harmed by this policy, including many who made great personal sacrifices in order to speak out against it. While more work lies ahead in the movement for full equality, today we should celebrate how far we’ve come.”



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