Fresh on Friday! (6/10)

(Fresh kitteh farts rainbows.)

Ladies, there are a number of Pride events happening this weekend, including Boston’s Dyke March (today at 6pm), and LA’s Dyke Day and Philly’s Dyke March tomorrow.


(Speaking of sweetness and Boston…er, the Boston metro-area: Cambridge, starting in July, is going to offset the marriage tax penalty by “paying quarterly stipends to city employees in a same-sex marriage who must pay federal taxes on the value of the health benefits their spouse receives from the city.”)

Pride festivities don’t kick off for another week or so in NYC, but, did you know (because, I did not) that you can have tittay-pride every day of the year? Yep. You can legally walk around NYC with your tittays in the wind—just like THIS LADY.

The Point Foundation named its 2011 Point Scholars; get to know all 34 of them HERE.

Sandra Bernhard is touring with a new show, “I Love Being Me, Don’t You?,” and Liza! stopped by to sing a little ditty with Sandra B. onstage.


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