“Flick’s Chicks” Explores a Silly Approach to Finding Lesbian Love

According to Joshua Nelson, the writer and producer of the new lesbian comedy, Flick’s Chicks, the film is: “A quirky, romantic fairy tale about a young, single mother named Flick who finally finds the nerve to come out but has no clue how to go about it.” What makes Flick (played by Evelyn Gaynor) – and the hysterical movie about her experiences – so interesting, however, is the manner in which she does go about beginning her new lesbian lifestyle. Most women who have spent their entire life dating men and then decide to pursue their feelings for the same sex begin the process cautiously and slowly. Flick takes a very different approach, though – she invites five women with whom she has shared a recent attraction with to a weekend getaway in the country under the guise that it will just be the two of them, and her young daughter. Instead, what each of the contestants in Flick’s dating experiment find when they arrive is a room full of other lesbians waiting to become Flick’s first. The result of this obviously horrible plan is a very entertaining and unique film that Cherry Grrl learned more about from the man (yes, man) behind it all.

CG: OK, what is Flick trying to accomplish by bringing all of the women together at one time and why does she think this is a good idea?
Joshua Nelson (JN):
She meets several different women in a short time and decides it would be a good idea to spend a weekend in an upstate getaway, getting to know them…somehow, she doesn’t realize that inviting five strangers to her house, all at the same time, is a disaster…but she’s a romantic and a bit crazy (in a good way) so it’s not until five jealous, confused girls are sitting in her living room when she realizes…wow, this might have been a mistake.

CG: How did this project come together? How did you get involved with it?
OK, so I was driving with my wife and telling her that I’m almost hoping my daughter becomes a lesbian so I never have to deal with her dating men (my daughter is currently only two years old but I worry early). She mentioned that it’s time I wrote another lesbian oriented film…my very first film, Locas 4 Life, was a story about a female gang-banger that found love with a single mother in the Bronx. And when my wife wants something…she usually gets it…so I got to work and the story just came out. It might have been influenced by all the Flavor Of Love I had been watching at the time but I’m often embarrassed to admit that…

CG: The film is described as a romantic comedy. In what ways does it follow the basic format of a romantic comedy?
I like to mix traditional with very non-traditional concepts in all the films I make…it’s a love story…it’s a story about five suitors trying to win the heart of a princess. That’s the traditional version…but the girls are VERY New York and they’re all very different. In real life, love stories are rarely like they are in the movies, so I use that as my basic idea but in the end, the girl gets the girl.

CG: What is it about the film that you think audiences will enjoy the most?
It’s funny…to everyone…and while it’s very much a film geared towards a lesbian audience, it does not, in any way, alienate straight people or anyone for that matter. It’s not so stylized that a mainstream audience won’t get it or appreciate the way some truly independent films can…especially gay/lesbian-oriented films. I saw a hardcore lesbian truly enjoy it and at the same time, a Republican, straight male…so I think I’ll do OK!

I believe, and hope, that the lesbian audience really enjoys it but I believe it’s for everyone that understands the ups and downs of looking for love.

Lauren LoGiudice as "Alex."

CG: What were you looking for in your lead actress and how do you feel about Evelyn Gaynor’s performance?
Bottom line, I had to find her adorable immediately…she had to be likeable above all else (believe it or not, many actresses are NOT likeable). She also had to be very funny, very honest, and a bit aloof…not stupid, but there had to be a bit of quirky scatterbrain to her. And Evelyn was fantastic!

CG: Are any of the actresses in the film out lesbians?
Yes, that was actually important to me. I didn’t pick anyone because of their sexual preference, but I wanted to have authenticity…half the girls were gay.

CG: What’s next in terms of getting the film out there for the public to see?
I am trying very hard to get it into festivals and then push for distribution. It is really important for me to see this with a primarily lesbian audience so I hope it gets into numerous festivals!

For more about Flick’s Chicks visit http://www.flickschicksmovie.com.

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  1. Avatar of mackblueyes

    Since this film was reviewed, it has acquired distribution and can be rented or purchased at Amazon, Walmart.com, Netflicks as wll as many stores across North America.
    It is really a very good film. What many wanted The L Word to be. More realistic with attractive but real lesbian actresses.

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