Fame Focus Friday: The Rise of Kate McKinnon

Without cable, I find it very difficult to catch my two favorite talk shows, The Rachel Ray Show and The Ellen Degeneres Show. However, I happened to be on the treadmill at the best possible time the other day and managed to catch Ellen. Not only did it keep me working out an extra 52 minutes, but I got to learn about one of the best kept comedian secrets: Kate McKinnon.

Ok fine, she may not be a secret at all.

In fact, earlier this week Forbes magazine released its 30 Under 30 list of people who “represent the entrepreneurial, creative and intellectual best of their generation.” Writer, actress and Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon made that list for her spot on impressions of Ann Romney, Penelope Cruz and Ellen DeGeneres and even Jane Lynch.

It seems that McKinnon has always been funny. She got her start in acting for Rosie O’Donnell’s The Big Gay Sketch Show in 2007. She also performed for the improv comedy group the Upright Citizens Brigade (as did Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell and Tina Fey), and for the web series Vag Magazine. She joined the cast of SNL in lieu of Kristen Wiig leaving this year, and she seems to be holding up to Wiig’s seemingly impossible comedic standards.

Kate McKinnon has popped SNL’s lesbian actress cherry. She is the first lesbian to be hired in the 37 years SNL has been around. And I think I speak for all the lesbians (or some, at least) when I say that this blonde, blue-eyed bombshell represents well.

Even Ellen appreciates McKinnon’s sense of humor. She not only tweeted her gratitude to McKinnon but also dedicated part of her show to talk about McKinnon’s impression of herself. The impersonation was so good that Ellen said she wanted to “bring McKinnon to L.A. because I want her to attend Thanksgiving for me.”

Well Kate, if you can make a parody of Ellen and still get approval you must be doing something right.

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