Fame Focus Friday: Switching Teams with Xtina

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(And surprisingly, this isn’t going to be about Lohan’s latest bad move. It would just be too easy.)

Because I was a loyal Britney Spears fan, I never listened to Christina Aguilera. Ever. I couldn’t betray my girl Britney. With that being said, I was still able to appreciate Aguilera’s work. Especially in 2003 after she came out with “Beautiful.”

The song received its well-deserved recognition when it was released. “Beautiful” won numerous awards, appeared on Rolling Stone’s & VH1’s greatest songs lists, and had covers done by artists like Elvis Costello. Aguilera earned a GLAAD Media award for the music video, which positively represented gay and transgender people. “Beautiful” even trekked across seas and was named “the most empowering song of the previous decade for gay, lesbian and bisexual people” by the UK LGBT Rights organization, Stonewall.

And now she’s back at it again.

Christina’s new album, Lotus, dropped November 9th and just might contain another LGBT anthem in the making. “Army of Me” talks about the different pieces that make up Aguilera and how those pieces can’t be broken. It’s kind of like a more poetically written version of “Beautiful” with an upbeat tempo.

In an interview with The Advocate on Wednesday, Aguilera said that she wrote the song for those who are “misunderstood or don’t fit into the norm but deserve a voice.” Well, she certainly has nice enough pipes to give them a voice.

I find Aguilera admirable because she is clearly comfortable with her own sexuality. Even with the gossip surrounding her divorce, citing lesbianism as the reason she and Jordan Bratman split in 2010, Aguilera doesn’t bash the LGBT community to prove she’s straight. In fact, she thanks her LGBT fans. “Even when I felt I couldn’t stand they held me up and supported me,” Aguilera told The Advocate. “I think we can each relate to each other and I am forever indebted.”

Well that’s sweet. Sorry Britney, but I might have to finally make the switch to team Christina.

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