Fame Focus Friday: Megan Rapinoe Changes the Game

Megan Rapinoe, Olympic gold medalist has joined the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). Rapinoe is helping to promote Changing the Game, a project that advocates athletics in K-12 schools that’s based on respect, safety and equal access for all regardless of gender identity/expression.

Rapinoe became the first soccer player on the current U.S. Women’s National Team to publically come out as a lesbian in July of last year. She was one of the 23 out Olympians amongst the 10,490 participating athletes.

Within just a few months of being out, Rapinoe was awarded the 2012 L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center’s Board of Directors Award for “proudly and bravely using her international platform to come out,” according to the Center.

Now she has a video out trying to get fellow athletes to ban hurtful language in a place that homophobia is fairly prominent.

“The positive things about having spotlight and having people be interested in our team,” Rapinoe says in her video, “Is we get to participate with groups and companies that we believe in and we are passionate about.”

Congrats Rapinoe, keep using your powers for good.

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