Fame Focus Friday: Keeping Up with the Lesbian Reality TV Stars

Poor Scott Disick can never win.

First Kourtney Kardashian rages against her boyfriend of six plus years (and father of their two children) for having an alcohol problem (which may or may not have been justified as he does act out irrationally for most of the greater half of Keeping Up with the Kardashians). Then he cleans up his act, sees a therapist, and starts to stay home more when all of a sudden Kourtney wants him out of the house. The two don’t even share a bed together and she gets mad when he even touches her.

Fed up, Scott befriends – gasp – a lesbian, thinking he has beaten the system. He met Dani, presented to us as essentially the girl version of Scott, and the two hit it off right away. (Dani is actually Dani Campbell, runner up on A Shot at Love with Telia Tequila, current lesbian-event frequenter/celesbian. And he met Dani at a party that she was at with Rachel Robinson – Road Rules alumn. Reality TV lesbians meet reality TV… whatever the hell he is.) Anyway, they named boats together (Lezboat, Lez-B-Honest were a few clever suggestions), went shopping for ties for Dani…I mean, this is perfect for him, right?

 Wrong. Kourtney learned that Scott was having a good time and called up her therapist who offered sound advice: write an email to Scott of everything that is irritating you, but don’t send it.

When Dani stole Scott away for a second play date, a horrified Kourtney and her sister Kim took the advice of this alleged therapist and wrote an email of everything Kourtney hated about Scott. And sent it. On “accident.”

While you may think this would result in a huge fight, if not a break up, the two managed to patch it up all within the last ten minutes of the show.

Scott’s relationship with Dani may not have lasted as long as Kim’s marriage, but he did end up getting a great name for his boat out of the whole thing. And Dani got another 15 minutes.

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