DJ Bia Bia: She’s Got the Ladies Spinning

This out lesbian DJ has the speakers banging from Tuscany to LA. As she gears up for her debut release we go behind the booth and find out what’s in her crate.  (Seriously, that wasn’t innuendo. Really.)

CherryGRRL (CG): You’ve been busy booking residences at some really hot girl parties out here in LA. Tell us about Dj’ing for these types of events and what you enjoy about it.

Bia Bia:  I really love the energy at these events!  It’s like a give and take relationship because I feed off the crowd’s energy while pumping up the energy throughout the club.  Everyone comes out to have fun and let loose, and I’m happy I can be there to contribute.

CG: Do you get hit on a lot?  Gay girls love a woman who knows how to spin…

Bia Bia:  Hehe.  Honestly, while I’m spinning, I get into an intense zone… a bomb could go off next to me, and I wouldn’t even notice, nevertheless realizing getting hit on.  Heh, however, when I’m not spinning…

CG: What’s your process like when you’re doing a set? How do you figure out what the crowd wants and feed off their energy?

Bia Bia:  I usually throw some tracks into a crate for the particular night.  But, usually after just a few songs I’m already rummaging around my library.  As long as the crowd is dancing and jumping around, I know I’m on the right track…

CG: What artists are you listening to and working off of the most right now?

Bia Bia:  Aviici. Skrillex. Swedish House Mafia. Dragonette. Sander Kleinenberg. Yuksek. Brodinski. Crookers. Spencer & Hill. Bart B. Dada Life. Nero. Bassjackers. Bloody Beatroots. LAZRtag. Fred Faulke. Fake Blood.  Rusko.  Les Petit Pilous.  Klaas.  Anoraak.  Digitalism.  AC Slater.  BeatauCue.  The Presets.  Herve.  CSS.  Disco Fries.  Audio Bullys.  Diplo.  Datsik.  The Cataracts. The Black Ghosts. … just to name a few.

CG: Growing up, what artists inspired you to get into music?

Bia Bia:  Well, the whole “booty music” craze back in the daze really pumped me up.  Uncle Luke and Splack Pack all the way baybay.  Heh, actually I was always putting mixes together for parties, road trips, people, etc… I was always the “DJ” from as far as I can remember.  Let’s see… Madonna.  Madonna.  Madonna.  Michael Jackson.  Kurt Cobain.  Courtney Love.  Sheryl Crow.  Janet Jackson.  Bush, Salt N’ Peppa.  Smashing Pumpkins.  The Counting Crows.  Linkin Park.  Goldfrapp.  The Prodigy.  Nine Inch Nails.  “Wonderwall” by Oasis changed my life.  Oh, and, Alanis Morissette… she had a huge impact on me.  Her concert was the first I ever went to.  Seeing her on stage performing and truly connecting with the crowd was a huge inspiration to me.  As far as dance music goes I was greatly inspired by all of the summer dance CD compilations I used to buy in Italy every summer of every year.  Played the sh*t out of em.  I also used to listen to German techno when I was like 12.  My German boyfriend at the time, yes boyfriend, turned me on to it.  I remember when house music first became mainstream on the radio.  They played the same two songs over and over again since the genre wasn’t so popular.  Planet Soul’s “Set Me Free” and Josh Wink’s “Higher State of Consciousness”. I do both Jay and Jane tickled my fancy.     Roula’s “Lick It” was on constant rotation, every version possible, heh.  I remember they used to sell the CD singles at the stores with a bunch of different remixes.  I believe it was called Monster Music and then Blockbuster music where they let you listen to the cds before you bought them.  I’d get dropped off at the mall and spend hours, even full days, going through every possible techno/trance cd to find new songs.  With the genre not being played on the radio and the lack of internet accessibility, this was the only way for me to discover them. Ever since then, I have been hoooooked on house music and every variation of the genre.  Currently I mainly play electro house dub.  Love to throw down those hard bangers!   I’m also quite the fan of progressive and minimal tech.

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