Dinah Rule Number 1: Style Points Count

Yeah, we know it will only be the beginning of April but there are some serious rays happening out there. We’ve been keeping tabs on the forecast for you and it’s clear skies and sunshine (average highs of 85˚) which is great party weather, but also great burning weather for you New Yorkers who have been covered up all Winter (CG editorial team, I’m looking in your direction…). The Dinah is NOT the place to get a base tan. Please bring your own.

The Dinah is all about style. Whether you are a tomboy, stone butch, or girly femme – this week is all about bright colors, bold prints, and attention-getting pieces. You’ll want to stand out.

These are our picks for some of our favorite swimsuits for the week:

Lemon Twist Beach Babe Swim Top + Bottom by Vans

Why we like it: It has sexy style with a practical fit. The racer back top and athletic cut bottoms will not only show off all those extra hours you’ve been putting in at the gym, but are comfortable and designed to stay put while you dance poolside.

Lines by O’Neill

Why we like it: Asymmetry isn’t just for hipster haircuts anymore. We totally love the nautical print and anchor embroidery on the back hip of this bandeau monokini.

Aaliyah swimsuit by Billabong

Why we like it: One word – Rockstar. This suit is really unique and unlike any other we’ve seen for the season. It’s just one of a few sexy suits Billabong introduced this season in their “Runway” collection.

Morris Top + Bottom by Tavik

Why we like it: Tavik, the company who makes this suit, has some really innovative ideas this year. Pairing patterns they ackowledge Kelly Kapowski would approve of with modern cuts is the formula for swimsuit success.

An essential accessory for the week is decent pair of shades. See our picks below (note the last pair which answers the question you are all too shy to ask, “WWGW: What would Gaga wear?” And yes, they are the same pair worn by Rihanna in the video for Run This Town!).

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