Crappy Gun Control Legislation to be Intro’d

Cherry Grrls, remember how I said that there probably won’t be any new gun control legislation offered in response to the Tucson Tragedy? Well, I guess I was wrong: Rep Peter King (R-NY) plans to introduce a bill that would “make it illegal to bring a gun within 1,000 feet of a government official.”

If this is true, this is utter b.s.– it is a vacant gesture, a fluffy, ineffective bill that is in no way productive. Why? Well, for one, who’s going to announce their bloody intentions before they shoot? “Oh, hey, President Lincoln, just an fyi that I have a gun in my pocket and I plan on whipping it out in a couple of minutes to kill you. Kthxbye.”

The thing is, Cherries, only crap legislation such as this bill is going to continue to be introduce until the Second Amendment is repealed. Yes, I said it. This amendment makes no sense outside of its historical context (it was written during a time when asshat British soldiers were harrassing the colonists, remember). Why are we holding on so dearly to this amendment? Why the FECK are the words of dead white men so highly valued and clung to in today’s world?

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