The 3 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Covering or Watching Glee Anymore

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about whether or not Glee is actually an immoral show or ultimately moral but enjoyably clumsy.  Personally, I don’t give a rat’s behind about the show’s…


Recaps: Glee, Season 3, Episodes 13 + 14 – The Brittana Kiss Episode + All The Serious Things

The Brittana Kiss Episode This recap is late not because I was melted into a puddle of long-awaited Brittana happiness, but because Glee is actually so bad, even Brittany and Santana locking lips…


Recap: Glee, Season 3, Episode 12 – The One With Ricky Martin

I had to listen to “Livin’ La Vida Loca” about sixty times before I could muster the strength to recap this episode. Ricky Martin: adorable, talented, funny, speaking voice to make you question…

Recap: Glee, Season 3, Episode 11 – Michael

Last week’s episode, “Yes/No,” was an elaborate set-up for Will to ask Emma to marry him, and for Finn to ask Rachel to marry him. It involved synchronized swimming, the glorification of marriage,…

Recap: Glee, Season 3, Episode 9 – Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Maybe it’s the smell of pine in the air, my eternally lowered expectations, or the fact that it’s officially candy cane season, but I was pleasantly surprised by Glee’s Christmas episode. It had…


Recap: Glee, Season 3, Episode 7 – I Kissed A Girl, aka The Episode Where Glee Kicks Lesbians in the Taco

Before I begin my evisceration of this incredibly offensive, stupid, sexist, and misogynistic episode wrapped in a Katy Perry turd sandwich, I’d like to offer my apologies to Cherry Grrl’s esteemed Editor-in-Chief, Laura….

Recap: Glee, Season 3, Episode 6 – Mash Off

Just when I’d given up all hope of ever watching another episode of Glee without needing recreational drugs to dull my senses, “Mash Up” delivered the kind of logic and emotion that reminded…

Recap: Glee, Season 3, Episode 5 – Knockin’ Boots

This week’s episode was a slight improvement over last week’s boiled tripe in the way that a root canal is an improvement over a kidney stone, but it wouldn’t be Glee if it…

Recap: Glee, Season 3, Episode 4 – (steaming) Pot O’ Gold

When we were kids, my cousin had this miniature schnauzer he named Lucky. Every time we walked Lucky, we’d make stupid leprechaun jokes about the dog leaving a steaming “pot ‘o gold” on…

Recap: Glee, Season 3, Episodes 2 + 3 – Unicorn and Asian F

I was excited for this episode for a couple of reasons. One, it was previewed as an episode featuring a lot of Brittany, aka one half of Brittana, which meant we’d get less…

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