POV: Lost in Translation – Django Unchained

First and foremost, let me say I am no movie critic. My tastes in film are as varied as my tastes in music, books and just about everything else. My personal favorites include…

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Interview: Buffy Fame, Indie Passion + More with Amber Benson!

Amber Benson is pretty well-known in the lesbian community. And the television fan girl community. And the indie film-buff community. You get the idea, right? In other words: She’s awesome. Playing the role…

Documentary Seeks Funding to Shine Light on Sex Trafficking

I hear my heart beat but I can’t feel it. I see the light but can’t touch it. I taste freedom but for now it’s only in my imagination. If you saw me…


Trailer: Teenage Lesbian Werewolf Love Story Film, “Jack and Diane”

The trailer for Jack and Diane (a.k.a., the “teenage lesbian werewolf” movie) premiered a few days ago and it’s leaving many of us just a bit confused, but mostly excited. Admittedly (bad lesbian…


Lesbian Themed Film Now Playing

We don’t get to use that headline much, so this is exciting. Fan of period films? French Revolution history buff? Like yourself a good subtitle reading every now and then? Well, even if…


Amber Heard Splits Lesbian (or at least one lesbian) Hearts in Half

I’d be lying if I said my heart didn’t skip a beat when I first saw the headline: “Amber Heard Splits with Tasya Van Ree…” until the next: “In Rumored Love Triangle with…


Q+A with Tanna Frederick

Tanna Frederick, a beautifully intriguing red head from Iowa, sits down with CherryGRRL to discuss her lesbian themed play, “Why We Have A Body.” She is currently taking on her directing debut with…


Movie Review: Pariah, The Beauty in the Intersections

The movie posters for “Pariah” present a dictionary definition of the noun: isolation, being cast off, juxtaposed against the smiling face of the film’s protagonist, Alike (played by Adepero Oduye). The poster appears…

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Interview: Beauty, Brains, and Business with Jincey Lumpkin

  Jincey Lumpkin can be called a lot of things. Businesswoman. Lawyer. Writer. Film Producer. Sex Expert. But I’m going to call her a “polymath” and consider it covered because this word, from…

Inside the Film: Lesbian Cops

For all of you out there waiting for Mariska Hargitay’s Det. Olivia Benson to finally come out, or new fave female cop star Maria Bello to join the team, let us introduce you…

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