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Too Much, Too Gay, Too Latina? Too Bad! An Interview with Sandra Valls

Sandra Valls talks on the importance of being true to her many identities and why she thinks there’s no place for mean comedy. CherryGRRL (CG): You have so many talents. Did you discover…

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Interview: Buffy Fame, Indie Passion + More with Amber Benson!

Amber Benson is pretty well-known in the lesbian community. And the television fan girl community. And the indie film-buff community. You get the idea, right? In other words: She’s awesome. Playing the role…

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Interview: Lauren Bedford Russell Reflects on Real L Word Love + Life

I have had the privilege of interviewing many “celebians” over the course my writing for CherryGRRL, but I must say, Lauren Bedford Russell is by far the coolest and most down to earth so…


Interview: NiRé AllDai

NiRé AllDai’s dance-pop/hip-hop music is magnetic, her striking and colorful fashion sense is iconoclastic, and her rise to fame as a newly-signed Virgin Records artist – with a debut album nearing – is…


Interview: Indie Pop/R&B Artist + YouTube Star, TONI

Toni Nicole Shepherd, better known as TONI, a fresh-faced bright young singer from Los Angeles, is YouTube famous. Many stars today are using social media and YouTube to gain a following before they…


Interview: Kiyomi McCloskey Punk Rocks The Real L Word

Kiyomi McCloskey is the passionate lead guitarist/vocalist for the lesbian punk-rock quartet Hunter Valentine. She is also (in case you’ve been living in a cave outside of lesbianville) one of the newest cast…


Five Questions with Kayden Kross

What do you get when you add an adult film star to an already very steamy webseries? Why, you get Season 2 of Girl/Girl Scene! Kayden Kross has joined Tucky Williams and crew…


Wild, Not Weak: Q+A With Suzanne Westenhoefer

  We chatted with one of the first openly gay stand-up comics on the scene, Suzanne Westenhoefer, known for her inappropriate and unscripted style, about her struggles with social media, political apathy, personal…


Artist Spotlight: Sierra West

Sierra West is a folksy-rock acoustic  singer-songwriter whose raw performances and heartfelt lyrics have helped her gain a loyal following in her native New England. Come August 14th, she will be having her…


She’s Electric – An Interview with Luciana

She calls her music “a bit naughty.” Her label calls her sound “the audio equivalent of an Andy Warhol painting.” And over in the UK, they simply call Luciana Caporaso their “Queen of…

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