Book Review: Healing Hearts

There are times when we struggle to deal with what life throws our way.  The difficulties we have overcome, pain we have endured, and losses we have suffered all threaten to break us…


Book Review: The Gemini Deception

Politics. It’s amazing how one simple word can elicit such a wide range of meanings and emotions. From the ultra-conservative to the extreme liberal and everywhere in between, politics is a dicey topic….

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Book Review: Hungry Ghost

We all have a past, a story that is as unique as each falling winter snowflake. Sometimes our past is something we try to run from; other times it’s the only thing keeping…

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Book Review: Murphy’s Law

We all have goals we wish to attain. Whether financial, emotional, spiritual, or physical, these goals are what drive us, what keep us moving. These goals spawn adventures, journeys down paths we’ve always…


Book Review: I’m From Driftwood

We all have a unique story, one that separates us from every other person on this planet. Different experiences, viewpoints, families, and situations that have led us to who and where we are…

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Book Review: Jacob’s War

Every day, police officers and first responders patrol the streets and try their best to keep us safe. With new threats and battles coming from every angle and facet of life, these brave…


CherryGRRL’s 2012 Team Effort Gift Guide

Yes, it’s the Monday before the last Monday before Christmas and we are finally getting around to posting a holiday gift guide… but give us a break – we’re a small team. And…

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Book Review: Frozen

We’ve all seen the crazy science-fiction movies, the ones where bodies are suspended in various liquids, cryogenically frozen for all time. But what if in the not-so-distant future, these crazy scenes weren’t so…

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Book Review: All That Glitters

We see them every day on television: celebrities, musical artists, actors and actresses – people we admire and look up to. We see glitz, glamour, and more money than we’d know what to…

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Book Review: Million Dollar View

Simply by glancing at the cover, Silver Krieger’s Million Dollar View engages all of the imagination’s senses.  The title evokes visions of urban landscapes and Keith Duquette’s drawings bring the comical, tragic, and…

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