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She’s being dubbed as “Baltimore’s premier dance-rap spitfire” and just last week the 21-year-old M.I.A. protégé unleashed her brand new single “Boom Boom” – putting Rye Rye right on track to be the next hip-hop “it girl.” As a special guest on the Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour the quick-tongued motor-mouth performed alongside label mates LMFAO and Far East Movement (to name a few) and with her May 15th debut album (GO! POP! BANG!) release she’s busily making a name for herself from Rolling Stone praise to Club Skirts The Dinah. In short, this dancer-turned-MC is soon to be a household name… but first learn more about her here and catch her poolside Palm Springs’ performance on March 30th.

CherryGRRL (CG): You’re only 21 years old but you’ve already had lots of success in the music industry. How did you get your start?

Rye Rye: I started making music for fun with DJ Blaqstarr after [rapping] on his voicemail…and then it started getting popular over the internet! Then I eventually started working with M.I.A after she came to Baltimore and wanted to meet me! Then Diplo and a bunch of other underground DJ’s, etc.

CG: You have a very unique sound – who are your influences musically?

Rye Rye: Umm it’s a lot of DJ’s from Baltimore, house music in general, M.I.A, Michael Jackson, Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, Tupac, and just my natural taste for music!

CG: What was it like to collaborate with MIA?

Rye Rye: It was awesome! I felt we had a connection because we weren’t afraid to be us and both came from a hard place so I loved that she was unique and didn’t care! It was a great experience… definitely enhanced my taste for music! She would do her parts and let me do mine… I felt free!

CG: You’re performing at Club Skirts The Dinah this year – have you ever attended the event before? If not, what are you expecting?

Rye Rye: I hadn’t heard of it before or attended it but recently my friends were telling me about it! I expect a lot of craziness and fun! A lot of color and just people going off! I’m doing it for the ladies.

CG: What do you have planned for your performance?

Rye Rye: A lot of dancing! That’s the best and a bunch of bass and also I wanna do crowd participation! Might add a few more twists in it.

CG: Aside from performing at The Dinah, what is your connection to the lesbian world?

Rye Rye: I work with a lot of lesbians so I feel connected! They’re my fam you know, so I vibe with em! I love it… I love their attitude and demeanor and everything! And of course all the diff colors we got going on! And I love dancing with my ladies.

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