Book Review: Murphy’s Law

We all have goals we wish to attain. Whether financial, emotional, spiritual, or physical, these goals are what drive us, what keep us moving. These goals spawn adventures, journeys down paths we’ve always dreamed to take. For some, these journeys are internal, helping us delve deeper into ourselves; for others, they are feats of courage and strength, testing our limits. In Yolanda Wallace’s new novel Murphy’s Law, it’s the latter: reaching the summit of Annapurna I, one of the tallest and most dangerous mountains in the Himalayas.

Scaling the world’s highest and most treacherous peaks gave Sam Murphy the thrill of a lifetime. As a guide for The View from the Top Outfitters, a company she ran with her close friend Rae, Sam was able to do what she loved: climbing and offering others the adventure of a lifetime. When Dr. Olivia Bradshaw and her crew of high-paid philanthropists decide to climb Annapurna I to raise money for Olivia’s charity, The View from the Top is their obvious choice for knowledgeable guides. They wanted adventure, and they certainly were going to get it.

But as any spirited climber knows, adventure can turn to disaster at a moment’s notice. For Sam, Olivia, and the rest of the crew, reaching the summit of Annapurna I could prove to be more of an adventure than they bargained for. Ever-changing weather, dangerous terrain, and internal demons pose a big threat for these adrenaline seekers.

Murphy’s Law is a novel that blends action with reaction, adventure with actualization. In order to be successful, Sam, Olivia, and their respective teams must battle the physical elements as well as emotional ones that have been buried for years. Yolanda Wallace does an amazing job strapping the reader in for one wild and oxygen-depleting ride. Intertwining the external forces that plague the teams with the internal journeys that will either make or break them, Murphy’s Law is a high-altitude thriller that will take you on a journey you’ll never forget.

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