Book Review: Jacob’s War

Every day, police officers and first responders patrol the streets and try their best to keep us safe. With new threats and battles coming from every angle and facet of life, these brave men and women fight to protect us. But at what cost? Many times, they aren’t able to talk about their jobs in order to protect the ones that they love, but what happens when those loved ones are thrown into the world they try so desperately to keep them away from?

Jacob’s War, the new novel from C. P. Rowlands, takes us into the crazy and dangerous world of drug enforcement. When Katie Blackburn, the owner of a small advertising firm in Milwaukee, finds a woman’s body dumped in the back of her car, she could never imagine the whirlwind she’s about the be caught up in. Allison Jacob, an ATF agent with a chip on her shoulder, is only supposed to be working on a small, local meth case. But when these two women cross paths, it’s more than just sparks that fly.

While the attraction is immediate, both women are still reeling from past relationships. Allison, AJ for short, is trying to stay focused on her current case: a lowlife named Michael who seems to be at the forefront of a meth distribution business. When Lu, Katie’s drug addict ex-girlfriend, is named in AJ’s ongoing case, things get dicey. But as the case intensifies, so do Katie and AJ’s feelings. But what happens when things hit a little too close to home?

Throw in fast cars, dangerous weapons, and an elusive and beautiful killer, and you have the makings for the fast-paced thrill ride that is Jacob’s War. C. P. Rowlands does a phenomenal job of blending a kick-ass, action packed story with the emotional tolls of love, loss, and loyalty. The deadly drug trade was beautifully interwoven with the lives and stories of Katie and AJ to create a thrilling page-turner that kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next.

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