Book Review: I’m From Driftwood

We all have a unique story, one that separates us from every other person on this planet. Different experiences, viewpoints, families, and situations that have led us to who and where we are today. Four years ago, a website was started to give people the opportunity to share their story with the world. I’m From Driftwood is an online LGBT community where users can share their experiences, life lessons, and stories with others. Some funny, some heartbreaking, and some uplifting, these vignettes form a collective story, one whose powerful message needs to be told.

Fifty-one of these true accounts were collected and published, giving a voice to all those who feel alone in the LGBT community. I’m From Driftwood, edited by Nathan Manske, is a powerful collection of stories, ranging from childhood experiences to coming out, and from first loves to social justice. The short narratives, often only a few paragraphs, come from people all over the country, from every walk of life and background, who bring a unique perspective on LGBT life.

What makes I’m From Driftwood distinctive from the other collections of LGBT stories is how raw and emotional the accounts often are. From the young woman struggling to deal with the gender divide to the man in New Jersey wondering why he saw hateful signs and trying to figure out who the real enemy is, each story is as unique as it’s author. Many times, I found myself drifting back through my own story, recalling those moments that really defined the person I am today.

On I’m From Driftwood’s website and YouTube channel, there are hundreds of other stories and videos, each one different from the one before it. I’m From Driftwood is a short but surprisingly powerful collection that will leave you wanting to share your individual story with the rest of the world.

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