Book Review: Hungry Ghost

We all have a past, a story that is as unique as each falling winter snowflake. Sometimes our past is something we try to run from; other times it’s the only thing keeping us grounded in this insane thing we call life. There are moments from our past that we look back on with laughter; others with tears or regret. But it’s our past that has made us who we are. For Lexie Clarion, her past holds deep secrets and an ancient rite that threatens all around her.

Hungry Ghost, the sequel to Allison Moon’s debut novel Lunatic Fringe, starts off where the first book ended: a sorority of werewolves trying to deal with the death and betrayal of their leader and Lexie mourning the loss of Archer, her lover and a pure-blood. Lexie’s mourning is short-lived, however, as an old enemy  threatens her college campus, leaving numerous bodies in its wake. The more Lexie and the Pack investigate, the more questions are left unanswered. But will the truth be too much for Lexie to handle?

When Sharmalee, one of the Sisters, is attacked, the Pack must come together and work side-by-side with others to find those responsible and protect the innocent members of their community. In order to help protect those she cares about, Lexie must let go of the demons she’s been fighting since Archer left. And that means giving in to her wolf form and the power she keeps hidden just below the surface of her skin. Armed with a better understanding of who she is and where she came from, not to mention her Pack, Lexie feels ready to take on any threat that comes their way. But what will it cost her this time?

Allison Moon has another hit on her hands with Hungry Ghost. Not only is the story action-packed and steamy, but Hungry Ghost also deals with some very hard-hitting and relevant topics: rape, PTSD, and being transgender. Without holding back, Hungry Ghost is more than just a story about sisterhood, wolves, and property rights; it’s a story about that primal part of each of us and the inner strength we have to keep it at bay. It’s about moving past those parts of our lives we don’t share with others and finding our true self.

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