Book Review: Dreaming of Her

Our dreams contain some of our deepest and darkest secrets and desires, parts of ourselves we are afraid to share when we are awake. In our dreams, we create a new reality: one where our creative subconscious takes over and those parts of us that we hide are revealed. But what if we weren’t in total control of our dreams? What if there was someone, or something, that guided our subconscious and directed our dreams? In Dreaming of Her, the new novel from Maggie Morton (available from Bold Strokes Books), it is Lilith’s job as a Dreammaker to bridge the gap between our reality and the dream world, bringing to light those deep, dark, hidden desires.

As a writer, Isa thrives on creativity and using her imagination, but it’s her dreams that really take on a mind of their own. Unhappy in her current relationship, Isa looks to her dreams in order to escape, but what she finds might be more than she’s ready for. Lilith knows it’s wrong to pine for a woman who is not only in a relationship with a man but is in a completely different plane of existence. But she can’t help but be drawn to Isa, and Isa seems to enjoy her visits. For Lilith, what started out as merely doing her duty has turned into an infatuation, but could her actions have dire consequences in both realms?

In Dreaming of Her, Maggie Morton does a wonderful job creating two simultaneous worlds where the lives of Isa and Lilith become intertwined. Not only are the characters relatable and true-to-life, but they are quite hilarious as well. While the romantic scenes in Dreaming of Her are definitely steamy, they are so much more than just sex. The lives and fates of these women are so deeply connected, and the passion and heat between them is very well written.

Many of the characters in Dreaming of Her struggle with internal conflicts: romantic entanglements, jealousy, coming out, past loves, things we have all faced in our daily lives. When we are awake, these conflicts and constantly on our minds, never leaving us alone. But when we shut our eyes and let our subconscious take over, we are released from these bonds and are able to let our hearts, and souls guide us. Maggie Morton’s Dreaming of You is a tantalizing and steamy read that will have you begging the heavens for a visit from a Dreammaker.  Sweet dreams!

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