Beretta Mo’ Betta – See You Next Tuesday

Yes, it’s a gun and I’m happy to see you.

Step off the streets of Santa Monica Blvd, push yourself through the revolving doors of Revolver Video Bar, and find yourself in the mecca of lesbian nights – Beretta. If looks could kill, you’ve hit your mark here. A bevy of attractive ladies fill the club wall to wall that cascade onto the patio. I’m not saying this because I have queer goggles on. In fact, I often complain that I rarely see people that I’m attracted to so I’m not blowing smoke up your pretty bum. I’m saying this because it’s fact. And you can’t argue fact.

So how did a successful night like this become a hit amidst a sea of other events? It’s not just sending out that Facebook invite that gets lost in the shuffle or posting the event on your page. It takes a business savvy mind plus the ability to be a social networking powerhouse. Enter Natacha Gaymer Jones, the event producer of Beretta. She’s brought us some pretty impressive nights in the past and Beretta is another one to add to her repertoire. A mastermind of her craft, she has thus far consistently brought forth a night that we can look forward to every week. From live music to speed dating, premiere parties to comedy events, there’s always something fresh to draw us in. Something tells me she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve for us coming up.

With all of our choices for bars and clubs on the West Hollywood grid, Beretta is an experience that delivers in quenching our thirst for a memorable night. The venue provides a more intimate platform to meet new people as opposed to the larger and louder bars in the area. The ambiance is like sexpants. Red velvet curtains drape the exterior. The interior is dimly lit without creating surprises the next morning. It’s refreshing to have the ability to engage in conversation without having blood ooze from your ears from the blast of the familiar ooonst ooonst ooonst like most places. The crowd is a smorgasbord for all tastes. From lipstick to lip balm. Heels to Chucks. From barely-legal-I-feel-dirty-for-even-looking-at-her to seasoned liver pickler. There’s the rug cutters and the outdoor chain smokers. Whatever it is that you’re seeking, you’ll find it here. If you want that time to catch up with your pals, do the ugly bump on the dance floor or shoot some pool, this is the place to do it. Make sure to belly up to the bar at some point and ask the bartenders to make you one of their favorite shots. This is a must.

I’ve seen a lot of ladies nights come and go. This one by far is one that I go to consistently and certainly hope it stays put. Unfortunately for us, there are only a select few that have stuck around. Back in the day when I was young (B.C.), I remember there being a lesbian event every night at whatever the venues were. My liver still holds resentment for those hay days but I can only look back in adoration. So I hope you share in my excited anticipation to see what’s in store for Beretta in the future.

In the short time Beretta has been around, I have already forged some fond (and subjectively fond) memories there. It’s helped blossom a couple of my relationships as well as ended one.  Within those walls, I’ve reconnected with old friendships, had business meetings, speed dated and celebrated our President’s second term victory (Go Obama!). I’ve also learned that if you valeted and find yourself too tipsy to drive your drunk ass home, your car will be waiting for your walk of shame entrance at the valet lot on Robertson the next morning. Beretta has made Tuesdays the new Friday and I’ve got the Called-In-Sick-Wednesday log to prove it.

See you next Tuesday.

Pull that trigger, ladies. I’ll see you at Beretta.

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