Author Spotlight: Keri Keriotis

As a writer of poetry, short stories, and screenplays that involve lesbian themes and characters, Keri Keriotis has been providing many women with enjoyable reading material since the mid 1990’s. She describes her writing as stimulating and lascivious, and in her self-published collection of poetry and short stories, A Melange of Treasures by the Lavender Chameleon, proved that she knew her work well.

A Melange of Treasures by the Lavender Chameleon focuses on the subject of unrequited love – something Keriotis writes about insightfully and romantically. She explains her inspiration for her stories when she says, “As an enthusiastic voyeur, I seem to always be conveniently located at some private setting…or visualizing the situation in my head in hopes of living it.”

The author feels that her writing definitely has a place among the lesbian community and beyond because “we all covet fantasies,” and is currently working on writing more erotica and finishing her third screenplay in order to fill that need among her readers.

Listing Patricia Cornwell, Tristan Taormino, Anne Rice, and Violet Blue among the writers who she most admires, Keriotis seems to definitely appreciate and respect her area of work – which also includes co-authoring a children’s book with her 11-year-old godchild – but also finds time for her other hobbies and interests including animal rights, intimate dinners, French films, daily reading of Perez Hilton’s gossip site, and an ongoing correspondence with women from all over the world.

At only 36 years old the Brooklyn based lesbian writer has a long career ahead of her and looks forward to more success. “My life-long dream is to become a compensated, established Hollywood screenwriter and continue to write erotica exclusively for my guilty pleasure,” she explains.

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