An Interview with Actress and Lesbian Community “It” Girl, Nicole Pacent

CG: What are some of your hobbies, outside of performing and beating up nosy journalists?

NP: Ha! Just beating up people, in general. I do love to read. I'm a big dork, and I usually have three or four books that I'm currently reading at one time. I've bought several audiobooks since I've been living in LA. I no longer have the NYC subway to read on, which is one of my favorite things. I love literature. I love to write. I always have been interested in writing. I'm working on a couple projects, but I don't know if it's going to be for my personal collection or if I'm going to seek to publish it. Oh, and I tutor, and I think if I wasn't acting I'd be teaching somewhere. I drink wine! That's a staple in my life.

CG: You're a known activist, and ABM has some incredibly grassroots elements to it. What are some of the causes you're devoted to and how important is “giving back”?

NP: My fight to raise awareness for cancer is something I'm always going to do. The movement to establish “Relief Through Rock” as a nonprofit in LA is ongoing. “Relief Through Rock: Chicks for a Cure” was a concert I did in October with the proceeds going to American Association for Cancer Research. Ideally, in the next couple years, I'd like to make an annual concert out of it. My family has personally been so affected by the disease, and I've suffered so many losses due to cancer. It has ravaged my family, and there are too many stories of loss. We need to find a cure, and it needs to be now, or in my lifetime.

In terms of activism for the LGBT community, I've been a part of that for a long time. I speak about it as often as I can and I think it is to me as black and white as racial issues are. I remember hearing about racism growing up and thinking how absurd it is that skin pigmentation influenced rights. The denial of rights to the LGBT community is equally absurd and silly to me.

A lot of it comes from amazing parents who raised me to help others whenever you can, and I was a member of a liberal church. Having values are important to connect, and fill the needs of, other people. A huge part of why I act, aside from the love for performance, is to connect with people. I love that part of my job.

You can see Nicole Pacent and company very soon when they begin shooting Season 3 of Anyone But Me, but until then, you can catch up on the terrific series here: You should donate to the cause of helping fund Season 3, and you can follow Nicole on Twitter:

Photo credits: From top, images 1, 3, 5, 7, and 8 "ABM Behind the Scenes," by Michael Seto. Stills courtesy of "Anyone But Me." Photo 2 from top (head shot) and photo 7 (water bottle) by Crystal Gwyn.  Red carpet image (page 3) by Mark Sullivan. Red carpet image (page 5) by Chelsea Guglielmino.

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