Adorable Dog Seeks Lesbian Mom(s)

We don’t usually run personals on CG, but this one is special.

Attention lesbian universe, let’s join our powers together to save this dog.

CeeCee wants lesbian mommies – or a lesbian mommy – because she was abused by a man. She prefers the company of women, so she came to us – the community that understand that better than any other – to try and find a forever home.  As you’ll learn from reading the below post from her foster mom, CeeCee’s past with the male gender has made her fearful of men so she is looking for a female household. But, as explained, she is great with other animals, children, etc., so please keep reading and contact Lori (info below) to find out more. (She is located in New York but she can be transported anywhere in the US.)

From: Lori
Ruff Start Rescue

“CeeCee is a 2 yr old fully vetted and spayed Rhodesian ridgeback / lab mix and she has been without her    ”forever home” for an entire year.  Her foster mom has had her for over 4 months, loves her to pieces and wants to place her in a loving secure environment. She is housebroken, crate trained if necessary, and a wonderful house guest.

Words to describe CeeCee might include loving, inquisitive, sweet, funny, goofy, crazy, energetic, athletic and curious.  She loves to walk, run off leash, and will hike the mountains with you given the chance.  She loves other dogs and if a cat initiates a cat and dog game… CeeCee will join in! Otherwise, cats are fine.  This dog is gentle, soft mouth with treats, and mindful of children.   Above all, she is super smart!!!   These are the attributes that lead her to a new home.

Her incredible fear and distrust of men, as well as her protective mechanism, is what brings her back to the foster home.   She was adopted 3 times:  first time lasted a month in a home with a couple, and she never stopped barking at the male.  Second time same issue, however, she was just starting to warm up to the guy, but he didn’t want to invest the time in her (no surprise there).  This last home seemed perfect: single mom, 2 boys, but when daddy came for a visit, CeeCee was protective of her new family and had aggressive posturing.

Men terrify her and she responds defensively.  With much love, encouragement, and a sense of security, she is overcoming the fear very slowly.  I have no way of knowing if she will ever be comfortable with men and therefore we are hoping to put her in an environment free of testosterone.  Since she prefers not to be exposed to men, then why should we put her through that pain?  She has already had enough abuse and violence in her life, and prefers to just hang with the girls, have fun and of course get lots of lovin’.

This is why we have reached out to the lesbian community – we think Cee Cee will be a perfect fit for any individual woman or female couple as she just loves her women and will protect them and watch over them with all her will.  She welcomes all dogs, women, kids, and cats (she even met a ferret once and was unimpressed) and gives and accepts love to each.  We can comfortably say that whoever ends up with this girl will not only feel safe and protected, but they will have a friend and companion for life!  Please consider CeeCee for your home and gives the wonderful dog the life she so desperately needs and deserves.”

 Contact: Lori
Ruff Start Rescue



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