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PM Compares Renuka To Ramayan Character, House Roared With Laughter

PM Compares Renuka To Ramayan Character, House Roared With Laughter

Congress leader Ms. Renuka Chowdhury’s loud chuckling during PM’s speech may have irked Chairman Naidu’s patience forcing him to admonish her, but Mr. Modi’s cheerful comment on her behavior, made the parliamentarians roar with laughter. Ms. Chowdhury had been laughing and joking throughout the session even after Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu had stopped PM Modi’s speech to admonish her with statements like, “What happened to you, such unruly behavior and loose talk will not be allowed here”.

PM Modi, made light of the situation by commenting, “Sabhapatiji aapse vinti hai ki Renukaji se kuch na kahen. Ramayan serial ke itne din baad aaj aise hasi sun ne ka saubhaghya prapt hua hai. It is only today that we have had the privilege of hearing a laugher like this, that too so many years after the Ramayana serial.” Though he did not mention which character from the serial reminded him of Renuka Chowdhury, this statement itself was sufficient enough to leave the parliamentarians in splits.

His words stunned the opposition leader into silence and riled her enough to make a snide comment to reporters outside the house that, “This is expected from a party like BJP that has always been against women’s rights. My laughter hurt them because it was the laughter of truth”.

Not to be undone, firebrand Union Minister Smriti Irani commented, “I was there and heard the indecent remarks Ms. Chowdhury was making and laughing about PM Modi. Is it just to make indecent remarks on someone in public and when those are met with equal spirit and sarcasm she is using her gender as a shield?

This incident occurred when during a debate about President Ram Nath Kovind’s speech in both houses, PM Modi accused the Congress party of sacrificing interests of the nation in its dedication to “protect and boost the fortunes of one family”.