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Fresh Cyber Unit To Go Further Than Examining Online Crimes

Fresh Cyber Unit To Go Further Than Examining Online Crimes

The Delhi Police’s cyber cell is going to be reframed and made into a separate unit in the force. In a couple of days, it will shift out of the financial offences sector and operate separately below an executive with the rank of special officer. The fresh unit will operate in combination with the chief technology officer and Special Cell. The chief technology officer will be managing modernization projects, claimed sources to the media in an interview. An official order is expected to be rolled out by Amulya Patnaik, the commissioner, as early as next week.

The range of operation of the latest unit will go further than probing cybercrimes. It will now keep an eye watch on propaganda on the Internet and social media, online radicalization, and also assist in intelligence collecting, sources claimed to the media. The procedure to refresh the cyber cell was started up in 2017 post Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister, emphasized on the issues coming out of cybercrimes and social media claiming that they must be addressed on uppermost priority.

The operation was put on quick track post the PM spoke briefly on this problem at the yearly meeting of IGPs and DGPs previously this month at BSF Academy. Modi had claimed that there was an up-and-coming worldwide consensus towards greater data sharing on illegal economic dealings and India might play a main role in attaining this.

While the data of the reframing have yet not been made communal, the media has learnt that there will be 2 DCP-rank executives in the team. Whilst one will manage the intelligence and investigations, the other will aim on awareness, training, and administration. M M Oberoi, the special commissioner who is presently leading the Special Cell, will be given control of this team. Previously, he had been enrolled in Singapore for the Interpol’s cybercrime unit.