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No Corporate Tax Cut In 2018 Budget, Government On Tight Budget

No Corporate Tax Cut In 2018 Budget, Government On Tight Budget

The people who were waiting for the Prime Minister to take a pledge to cut the corporate taxes might have to wait a bit longer than anticipated. This is the last declaration of the budget before the forthcoming election in 2019.

PM Modi is witnessing revenue squeeze that might make the delivery of the commitment extremely difficult. The commitment was to lower the basic rate of corporate taxes over a period of time from 30% to 25%.

The point is, why cut the tax?

PM Modi pledged in the year 2015 to bring down the corporate taxes over a period of four years. However, the reality and the commitment are going in parallel lines which are unlikely to meet. This would have been a great endeavor to improvise the investment ambiance of the country. India has ranked 119 among the top 190 countries in the scenario of ease of paying taxes. This data was released by the World Bank’s Doing Business Index.

The competition of tax across the globe is intensifying. The United States also lowered the taxes by 14 percentage points and has hit 21%. Along with it, companies like Apple Inc., Wall-Mart stores Inc., JP Morgan Chase & Co., etc. have announced plans to enhance the investment, wages, and hiring.

The collection of revenue is under tremendous pressure under the haphazard roll-out of national sales tax along with the 2019 election.

As per an analyst who is associated with Bloomberg Economics, Abhishek Gupta, the budget deficit will come around 3.4% of GDP this year.

The Indian multinationals that operate in the U.S. must be encouraged in order to enhance the depth of the U.S. operations apart from allocating more profits at the U.S. level, as stated by Rajesh H Gandhi, who is a partner at Deloitte India.