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IAS Officer Deletes Social Media Post On Violence in Kasganj

IAS Officer Deletes Social Media Post On Violence in Kasganj

The district magistrate of Bareilly, Raghvendra V. Singh deleted his post from Facebook that seemed to accuse right-wing Hindu nationalists for igniting communal conflicts in UP.

The removed post stated that a weird trend is observed lately—to stopover Muslim localities and raise anti-Pak slogans. Why? They are not Pakistani Muslims. Something similar happened in Bareilly’s Khailam village. They threw stones, complaints lodged. The post was written in Hindi and can very well be linked to the violence in Kasganj and set off a controversy.

Last year, Mr. Singh, now 59, was appointed as Bareilly’s district magistrate, nearly a hundred kilometer from Kasganj. Before working as a civil servant, Raghvendra Singh was an SSC Indian army officer.

On Sunday, he posted the message on Facebook, only 2 days after Chandan Gupta, 22; a student lost his life in communal conflicts. The clashes triggered in the Muslim areas of Kasganj at the time of a bike rally with tirangas that was conducted by ABVP, a students’ group affiliated by local RSS unit.

Ram Naik, the Governor stated that the violence of Kasganj is a “blot” for Uttar Pradesh. The condition is still not stable in Kasganj. However, the intervention of a large number of police forces together with the elimination of hoodlums in the areas has brought the situation under control to some extent.

Among the injured, there were two others—a laborer, named Naushad and Md Akram. Naushad was hit by a shell in the leg while he was heading home and Akram was dragged out of his car by mobs and they tried to scoop out his eye.

The administrator didn’t say much about what activated the violence. A video recorded on mobile phone shows a rally of young men, nearly 100 in number, with saffron flags, accumulated at a street. As per the reports, the locals asked them to leave but they denied. They cleared with their slogans that everyone has to chant ‘Vande Mataram’ or else leave India. They conducted the rally without any police permission.

Mr. Singh later commented that police or administrator’s permission is required in some cases, if you want to avoid problems. We have to learn restraint.