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Humanity Put to Shame, 8-Month Baby Raped In Delhi

Humanity Put to Shame, 8-Month Baby Raped In Delhi

Nothing can get more heinous than an 8-month-old baby getting raped by none other than her own cousin, aged 28 years. He stays in the same building and has also confessed his crime.

After this barbaric incident took place, she had to undergo a three-hour long surgery in order to mend the internal injuries. Though the doctors claim her to be in a stable condition, she is still in ICU.

Last Sunday, the baby was brought to the hospital in a heavily wounded state. She was bleeding profusely.

As per the police, the incident took place at her residence in Subhash Nagar that is located in West Delhi, when her parents were away for work.

The father of the child left for office and after some time, her mother also had to leave for some work. The baby was left under the supervision of a relative in the building itself.

On returning, her mother found the baby crying on a bed, lying on a pool of blood.

When the little child was carried to the hospital, the doctors confirmed that she was raped. The accused took away the baby saying that he will play with her. The man, who is accused of the merciless crime, is a father of a child and has confessed during an interrogation.

Swati Maliwal, from Delhi Commission for Women, tweeted that she is devastated by the news of the rape of an 8-month-old child. She also requested the people to pray for her life. She even added that the rape was not committed to a child, rather was commenced on the Delhi Women’s Commission.

The law on the rape has been made stricter after the gang-rape of a student in a moving bus in 2012. The punishment is yet to be announced for the man who has committed an unforgivable crime.