“Good Wife” Gone Bad – Recapping on Hold

It’s a story as old as time itself…

Lesbian watches TV show.  TV show promises a lesbian storyline.  Lesbian deems TV show to be her FAVORITE SHOW EVER, watches it every week, makes her friends watch it, has viewing parties, buys t-shirt, recaps it online.  Show promises a new story, promises to make the character important, shows two chicks making out.  And then.  Lesbian storyline disappears with sweeps week.  Lesbian cries out in agony to the TV Gods.  “Why have you forsaken us?  Who’s a girl got to sleep with to get a little onscreen validation?”  We know it all too well.  We lesbian TV junkies have danced this dance time and time again.  So none of us will be surprised to learn, I’m not going to recap The Good Wife anymore.  For right now anyway.

Kalinda is a very interesting and dynamic character.  And her bisexuality has always been a part of that puzzle.  I want all you bi readers out there to know, this isn’t about her being bi.  I love the bisexuals amongst us; I think they are very valid and important members of the community.  Kalinda has always been very bi, and very willing to use sexuality to get what she wants.  I really don’t feel like CBS or The Good Wife team burned us.  They didn’t take a straight character, make her gay for 3 weeks, and then straight again forever, never mentioning that time she screwed a girl.  I think they’ve built a complex character, and her current life is complex.  Let’s not forget, the first hint of Kalinda’s private life we got was a phone call from Donna.

This week, CBS.com posted a video: “Get a behind the scenes look at the on screen romance between Kalinda and Blake.”  Two weeks ago, Kalinda left a very chilly dinner with a very hot Lana.  Lana spent basically the entire evening trying to get her out of that leather jacket.  And what does Kalinda do?  Leave, to go get naked with Blake.  Both scenes were hot, not a doubt.  But Kalinda was clearly way more into Blake than Lana.  Even if she does end up hitting him in the gut with a baseball bat.  I kind of love the onscreen chemistry Archie Panjabi and Scott Porter have, which is very disappointing to me, I promise.  I just don’t really love the idea of writing about it.  I’ve done that, and it’s really only funny for so long.  The video kind of promoted it to be a triangle, but I just don’t think that’s really going to be the case.  I think the King’s (Robert and Michelle, the show runners) will cash in on that obvious chemistry.

I hope you keep watching The Good Wife.  I will.  It really is good television.  And if / when things change, I’ll be right back here again.  Writing and laughing and swooning right along with you.  Until then, I’m going to find some ladies kissing other ladies to be jealous of.



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